As promised in my previous article on adventures in doing macro bubble photography I’ve also been doing some video work as well. I honestly never really expected to be doing videography at all but the bubble sheen make for some absolutely trippy visuals.

This was created using the exact same set up as for the photos only I was using the Canon EOS R5 in video mode. Initially was just shooting in normal frame rates of 25fps but discovered quite by accident that the R5 can comfortably shoot in 4k at 100 frames per second. When I tested this out and played it back the results were amazing.

This is one of the videos that resulted from that footage, played back at 25fps so you effectively get quarter speed action. I was originally going to try for doing a snazzy multi cut video with a nice animation title introduction but I quickly realised that was a little out of my current skill set for a first video so opted to go for a simpler straight video but set to some nice music.

The music is a piece called Stardust by Danijel Zambo which I licensed via Uppbeat which seems to have quite a reasonable model to ensure artists get paid what they are deserved.

I hope you like my first attempt and will be looking to make better ones as my skills with video progress.

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