A decade ago I did a “365 Before Thirty ” project and now I’ve reached a year before the 40 milestone I figured I might give it another go. Not every shots going to be a winner but at least it’ll force me back into the game again. Today’s shot involves one of my favourite tools in photography the Loupedeck + – basically a custom midi board with physical buttons and dials for editing photos and videos.  I started with the original Loupedeck but when the Loupdeck + came out with its more tactical buttons and increased range of custom dials and buttons it was a no brainer for me.

As someone with the finger dexterity of a drunk rhino having a board with dials I can turn and buttons to push is substantially easy and faster than using a mouse to drag sliders and the like, as a result I find the Loupdeck infinetly usable. Is it cheap? Not especially but when is anything in photography? The group behind it however have been awesome in expanding its capabilities and it now supports Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Capture One, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Audition and Aurora HDR. I’m not going to do a full run of it as people infinetly more capable than myself already have, for example:

As an owner of a Loupedeck + I have a referrer code to give away for a 10% discount if you purchase it via the Loupedeck shop. Not a huge discount I know but better than a kick in the teeth. What do I get out of this? Well if you use the code I get a voucher for a SmugMug Power Plan (worth $72/USD). But here’s the cherry on top for you – I’ve been a SmugMug user for quite some years now currently on a Power plan and this voucher can’t be used with existing accounts. As such I’m happy to give the voucher away with the purchase as well. Interested? Then ping me via the comments, twitter or instagram. The codes valid until the 30th of September.

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