Day 341 of the 365 to 40 project. So a few weeks back I put in my order for the Canon R5. I’ve been waiting a long time for a mirrorless upgrade path from the 5D Mark 3 (my current main body) and the R5 ticked all my boxes – huge resolution (handy for cropping), inbody stabilisation (IBIS – a feature I’ve deeply missed since the days I used to shoot Olympus) and a flippy screen (dear gods these are so useful for macro). Well the camera arrived today and I had purchased a pack that came with this lovely embossed leather Lucky camera strap. So did I take this photo with the R5? Well.. no. I couldn’t quite justify buying the body and a RF lens at the same time as the cost was just a bit too much of a hit but since I’m not an idiot I did order it alongside an EF to RF adapter only to be told on the day the camera shipped that these were sold out with no ETA on when they will be delivered. So. Fun. But I’ve waited long enough for this body and some more waiting for the adapter isn’t going to kill me. Maybe it will arrive before my birthday? We can but hope.

(and yes I’m aware of the controversy around the over heating with video modes etc etc but that really doesn’t bother me all that much and I’m sure that’ll sort itself out)

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