Day 238 of the 365 to 40 project. Had a really good day. I normally love going for a photo walk to find critters to take photos of but for obvious reasons right at the moment that’s not a thing we can do. But we’ve spent the last year or so slowly redoing our yard from being basically a waste yard of lawn into a more critter friendly collection of native plants, fruit plants, flowers and even a small pond. The upside of this is we are now getting a lot more animals in the garden with today’s being another praying mantis. I took a lot of photos of this one to the point it was hard to pick a single shot for the day. I ended up on this one as it has the face and arms in focus and I love the pose.

This one was a very close second for the photo of the day but the face is ever so slightly out of focus but it does show off the arm spikes wonderfully.

This one I felt was also pretty decent but the grasses seem quite distracting and again I didn’t quite get the face in focus. I was still very pleased to have such an interesting subject to spend a few hours with.

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