Day 4 of the 365 to 40 project. Last year I built a new reasonably powerful PC geared towards using Lightroom for photo and video editing. I haven’t used it as much as I should have but part of this project is to turn that around. Building a PC geared around these elements is similar and yet completly different to building a gaming rig and while I didn’t set out to have the computer all blinged out with RGB colour changing components it happened that the best parts for my price point came with them so I just rolled with it, honestly pretty happy I did as it does look kind of awesome.

If you are looking for resources for what to look for in building a Lightroom PC I’d highly recommend this excellent article from Pugent Systems (US PC company that speciliases in building high end editing machines)  and this great indepth read from Paul Stamatiou that I used as my base template. While the parts now are “outdated” the base concepts the piece goes into are kind of critical to get your head around.

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