It’s pretty hard to articulate just how badly the work driven burn out I went through in 2017 so throughly managed to destroy my self-confidence in my hobbies. While I haven’t exactly made great strides in getting back into my photography, I have been quietly working on setting some goals and one of these was doing a macro photography workshop at my local photography club.

Not going to lie the whole concept had me mildly terrified but I’ve been told in the past that my presentations aren’t bad and it was a relatively small audience so I opted to give it a shot. After a few months to prepare I finally ended up presenting it last week, you can find the slides for yourself below.

Bear in mind the dot points are just there to help enable me to talk to whats the slide as I don’t tend to have a “prepared speech” method and much prefer adapting on the fly. Things didn’t go totally smoothly as the computer I was using refused to show the example images in the slide show which, while annoying, didn’t stop the presentation from going ahead.

I’m pleased to say it was received well and I got a lot of positive feedback. It was certainly very rewarding getting people interested in a genre of photography that I’m pretty fond of and find endlessly fascinating.

I couldn’t have done it without the people who supported me and those that took the time to review the presentation and provide feedback. The camera club volunteers also put in a monster effort by providing a series of small items on the night for everyone to practise on once the slide show was done. It was a good night for all.


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