Sometimes you just need to start things over. Not because they were broken. Not because they were bad. Just sometimes you need to step right back and start afresh to stop falling into the same traps over and over. This is one of those times. For two, nearly three years I haven’t done any what I would consider decent photography. Mostly as the direct result of some severe work related burn out and resulting near crippling anxiety. Not crippling in that it stops me living, I’m fortunate there. Things get done, I get through the days relatively smoothly. There are certainly folk in the world that have it far harder.

What has happened is it as made anything not directly connected to my day to day like hobbies, gaming etc.. Flat. I know I should be able to enjoy them and logically I know I can enjoy them but I just wasn’t getting into it. With my photography hobby I’d really like to turn that around so time to restart. From the bottom, work my way forward a few steps a time. I have no designs to be a pro photographer or anything like that, I just want to bring the hobby back to a state where I can enjoy it, be myself and hopefully interact with others again.

So with that in mind I put together a new logo (below) for a domain I “launched” some time ago and decided get things going again. I’ve even started up an Instagram account, partly to publish my own stuff but mostly to get inspiration from photographers and others I admire and respect.

Dawnstar.Camera Logo

Plan is to slowly decommission my old blog and start working steadily on this one. At first it’ll mostly be republishing photos I’ve taken across the years after I re-edit them using techniques I’ve picked up since I first took them. Then in 2018 it’ll be time to pick up steam on taking some new shots, starting a few new projects and getting mingling with some of the more local photography groups. Feedback is greatly appreciated and I could certainly do with the social interaction.

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