The Nurtured Nature Project

So here we are in 2022. A few years of COVID has left more than a few of us drained, unenthused and generally not able to enjoy our hobbies as much as we once could. For me I needed something to drag me out of that funk and as much as I enjoy doing projects I knew I was going to need to do something much further outside of my comfort zone.

Lets Go On An Adventure!

For some years I’ve been eyeing the photography tours on offer by World Photo Adventures, one of which I was originally planning to do in 2020. I think you can guess how that worked out. But then late last year this offer popped up in their marketing emails.

Adventure At Home?

With the prospect of a long period of uncertainty still to come this made actual travel for me not as attractive, the option to work with a trusted and respected photographer and teacher like Darran Leal on a personal project was something I couldn’t pass up. A quick down payment (intake was limited to 10 spots) and I am committed to getting it done which I won’t lie I’m more than a little nervous about.

What’s The Plan?

Keeping it simple. I’m going to spend the six months of the project focusing mostly on taking macro photos in our garden that was converted from nothing but lawn to an awesome collection of microcosms for all sorts of critters to live in.

These photos will be discussed with Darran, reviewed, used to help develop better photography and post editing skills for me and produce some sort of tangible product at the end.

Goal Setting

No point doing a project without goals, so here’s the basics:

  • Increased post editing skills – masks & selective editing
  • Learn how to uses flashes correctly
  • Improve thinking about how to take a photo
  • Adopt a more consistent style
  • Dabble some more in videography

To What End?

The process of this project is hands down the most important part but there still needs to be some end goal product to aim for at the end of the six months:

  • A small photobook (10-20 of the best photos)
  • 2-3 large print photos to display

Stretch Goals

If everything pulls together there’s a few extra goals I’d like to get done but won’t be upset if I don’t get them done during the initial project:

  • A short (5-10 minutes) YouTube video
  • A sale worthy print


I’m not going to lie I am a terrible procrastinator and this project scares the hell out of me in terms of needing to keep things organised so not to waste mine or Darran’s time. As such I am hoping that others interested in this project will help keep me accountable and on track so please feel free to hassle me about it if you don’t see any updates.

What Updates?

The intention is to post photos, video snippets and “behind the scenes” chunks at semi regular intervals on Instagram and Twitter as I’ve done for other personal projects before. Not doing this I feel would be a foolish move and help provide feedback and motivation.